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Your Trusted Partner in Fashion Jewelry Manufacturing

Crafting exquisite wholesale fashion jewelry with 15+ years of expertise. Our 200-strong team ensures superior style, quality, and competitive prices tailored to your needs.

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Our Story

Meet Minlu Jewelry. Unparalleled Quality. Unbeatable Prices.

Your next, and possibly last, stop on the quest for wholesale fashion jewellery. Located in the heart of Yiwu, China, with over 15 years of experience, unlike other jewellery factories, we're a team of over 200 dedicated professionals, transforming a diverse selection of materials into your dream designs. Our prices are as competitive as our jewellery is appealing, helping you conquer your market effortlessly.


But what really sets us apart? We stand out by being there for you. We listen, we understand, and we deliver, on time, every time. Our aim is not just to create jewelry, but to make your business operations smoother.

MINLU: A Perfect Fit for You

Fashion Retail Brands

Refining the fashion retail landscape with exquisite, quality-consistent jewellery.

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Empowering e-commerce growth with our fashion-forward, digital-ready jewellery.

Large Fashion Jewellery Brands

Elevating jewellery brands with our exceptional, tailor-made designs.

Clothing Retailers

Adding extra sparkle to retail collections with our versatile wholesale fashion jewellery.

Department Stores

A seamless sourcing experience for department stores with impeccable craftsmanship.

Boutique Buyers

Redefining elegance for boutiques with our exclusive, sophisticated fashion jewellery.

  • ?What materials do you use in your jewellery production
    Our factory specializes in creating fashion jewelry with a variety of materials based on clients’ requirements. This includes copper, stainless steel, and sterling silver, with a variety of plating choices.
  • ?What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)
    Our MOQ is flexible and varies depending on the type and complexity of the jewelry design. We aim to accommodate the needs of all clients, from small businesses to large retailers.
  • ?How do you ensure consistent quality in your products
    At Minlu jewelry, quality is our top priority. With over 15 years of experience, we've established stringent quality control measures at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that each piece meets our high standards.
  • ?Can you create custom designs based on my requirements
    Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our ability to bring our clients' unique visions to life. Our skilled design team can work closely with you to produce jewelry pieces that align perfectly with your brand and aesthetic.
  • ?How do you handle shipping and delivery
    We partner with reliable shipping companies to ensure that your orders are delivered safely and efficiently. The shipping fee varies depending on the size and weight of the order, and we strive to offer the most competitive rates to our clients.
“Finding trusted suppliers can be very challenging, but ever since working with Minlu, it's been a relief. They offered me good prices, highly professional, and easy to communicate with. They listened to my needs and did their best to meet my expectations. ."

Moin Shaikh - Moin Trade

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